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What did he say?

The odd ramblings of Mike

Friends Only...

I figured it had been over a year since I edited my little "bio" thing here so here's an update...

I'm a guy named Mike living in central North Carolina. I have a wide, eclectic, set of interests. This journal has been around since July of 2003. While most of the entries from before January of 2005 have been protected people on my friends list can look back on the past year to see how things have gone.

Now some stuff about what I write about here...

Most of my entries are about the mudane things happening in my life. Usually about the things that seem to happen to and around me. Sometimes I'll see or read something on the news and will feel compelled to comment about it here. I tend to be honest about some of the demons I've been trying to deal with, especially this past year (2005). And I tend to rant about stuff.

Now, if that hasn't scared you and you'd like to read about my life then add me as a friend and let me know! That way I can add you back.

My only rule, such as it is, about my journal is that if you just feel like "beating up on Mike" here then kindly move on. I've got a market on beating myself up and don't really need any more help, but thanks though!

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